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Sunday, July 29, 2012


My collection of poems focuses particularly on nature, be that in general, or human. I have used nature to evoke different emotions and attributes, for instance sadness, comic, patriotic. I wrote in a variety of styles, such as a sonnet, villanelle, free verse, and persona and list poems. I also used many sources of inspiration, for example, a painting by Pierre-Auguste Renoir, my personal film collection, other poem's titles, or stream of consciousness. In my poems I make use of different devices.
I have used description to contrast between different emotions, such as hope and sadness. I have also used it to create atmosphere, such as fear.
Enjambment is used throughout my poems to create better flow and rhythm.
Furthermore, a sense of verisimilitude was accomplished, through the use of vernacular, in some of the texts. In "The Nation of Discoveries", I have named portuguese meals and the national anthem to reemphasise the idea of patriotism shown throughout the poem.
In addition, I have referenced brand names, such as McDonald's, as a method of making the poems more contemporary. I have also used fairy-tale references, whilst modernising them. For example, in "Forever After", I used the change of tone in a Petrarchan sonnet to introduce an unhappy ending to fairy tale characters. This was inspired by Kona MacPhee's poem "My Life as a B-movie", where a more obscure ending is given to a typical romantic-comedy. In this topic, I have also referenced antique, as well as modern film titles, in "If my Video Collection were Nature", thus reflecting the changes in nature, human or otherwise. Moreover, I used a character in a contemporary musical called "Wicked" for my persona poem, thus transcribing the whimsical colloquial language used by the personage, Galinda, in the musical. Even the title, "Being Galinda (with a Ga)", is reflective of the character's comical behaviour.
In "The Dagger" and "Owning a Dead Man", I have turned the words into an image to evoke the main idea of the poems, in this case a dagger to symbolise the image at the end of the poem, and a scythe as a symbol of the 'Grim Reaper'.
In "The Four Elements" I thought the poem would flow better with single word lines, as it has a more energetic rhythm, like a stream of consciousness, it is jumping from one idea to the next.
In "Fear", I am using the repetition of the first and third lines throughout the poem, typical of a villanelle, to convey the various types of fear human kind experiences, as we grow older, thus putting a new spin on the couplet each time they appear.
My Ekphrasis poem, "The Umbrellas", is based on Renoir's painting of the same name. The image of the only girl lacking an umbrella, together with the title of the painting, inspired me to write about what else was missing in the character's life, particularly in terms of protection.
The devices which I have learnt in this module, are used throughout these poems to convey positive and negative aspects of life.

Being Galinda (with a Ga)

Dearest diary,
Darlingest friend,
I have to confess
I am at my wits' end

Popsicle, would you imagine,
Will not concede to
My going shopping
For a new pair of shoes!
(They were so pretty, too.)

Fiyero is long gone with
My ex-best friend. I am confusified!
I do not really know what I saw
In the man. Perfect? Yeah, right!

What did he see in her,
He did not see in me?
Not even her breath is 
As minty as her green body!

For now, I guess, some sleep
Will do. I shall narratate more
Tomorrow. Bonne nuit.

The Nation of Discoveries

Walk into any restaurant,
In any part of the country,
And you will hear the noisy chant
Which rings with familiarity.

Order “Bacalhau a bras”, or
Some “cozido_a portuguesa”,
And they will leave you wanting more,
Specially “Pastel de Nata”.

The language  you will hear comes from
The latin. Summer lasts half a
Year, and the weather remains warm.
The anthem is “A portuguesa”.

Green and red make up the flag, with
A yellow armillary sphere.
Stunningly red has a wider width,
Great symbol for football teams there.

Although life in Portugal is
Difficult to maintain right now,
No one will ever cease to miss

The "nation of discoveries".

If my Video Collection were Nature...

My Alien would 
be a perfect planet
The Fog, a blurr of mist
My Heidi, a field of colours
My Casablanca, a bird in flight
My Sound of Music would be the wind
The Hunchback of Notre-Dame, a pit of fire
The Life of the Bees is the virtue of the earth
My Pirates of the Caribbean, a wave of the sea
My Nightmare on Elm Street, a cry on a sunny day
My Peter Pan, the twinkle of a star In a child's eyes
My My Fair Lady would 
be the tale of a cocoon
My Parent Trap, two 
snowflakes apart
My Notting Hill, a 
mother's bouquet
My Titanic would 
be human nature

Owning a Dead Man- The Scythe

When he's born, she's the umbilical cord around his neck.
She's the slippery floor when he's taking his first steps. She
watches from behind a tree as he kicks, fights and snogs away
his teenage years. He's now an adult. She sits at the table next to him
as he takes out a ring. She waits with him at the maternity ward. She sees 
her sister arrive for his child, and so the natural order of life continues. Once 
upon a time this would have been her cue. Not now. Now she must wait longer. 
Now she must wait for him yo grow old and, with a heart attack or some other lenient 
method, take him 
along the next 
path. Long gone 
are the days 
when she would 
ease the pain 
of heroes in 
battle. Now she 
and her kind 
are seen as 
evil in the 
eyes of the 
old or a 
joke to the 
young. Few are 
those who still 
welcome her. His 
time has finally 
come. Now she 
can take him
with her to 
a 'better place'.

Once again, she lies in wait, until her next decaying property arrives.

Sonnet- Forever After

“Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair”
Shouts the brave prince from under her window.
Beauty’s story is of bravery, dare,
Learning to look beyond, inside a soul.
Cinderella found her joy through a glass
Slipper, matching the one found by her prince.
Lying in a coffin ‘till her prince shall pass
Is Snow White, waiting for her true love's kiss.

Snow White didn't wake, her coffin turned opaque.
Cinderella’s prince shall choose someone else,
her feet swoll'n from the dance she can’t master. 
Beast'll remain vain, his spell will never break.
Rapunzel’s prince won't hear her voice and melt,
His pierced eyes shall bleed forever after.

The Dagger

my cat 
felt as 
tiring as 
a cliff, until
 a voice, like 
a whisper, 
"Follow me. 
Don't be 
scared. I 
have a 
I followed 
the whir 
which led 
me to the 
middle of 
a forest. In 
front of me, a 
corridor of tree 
trunks and leaves 
began to open, 
wider and wider. 
At the end of the 
corridor I saw my 
Above her a dark cloud shaped as a dagger. Realisation 
pierced through 
me like a needle. 
I ran back through 
the leaves and 
trees and bushes. 
It was too late. 
Though my 
conscience had 
tried to ease 
my pain, the shock
of what had 
was too great. 
In my closed fist 
I felt the cold 
steel mixed 
with the trickling 
blood. As the 
dagger dropped 
to the floor, 
I went down 
with it. Frozen.

The Four Elements








Ekphrasis Poem

The Umbrellas

(by Pierre-Auguste Renoir)

The woman in black
her age is unknown
her eyes are sad and tired
yet her hopeful lips
curve into an almost smile.

Her costume a widow's
though whomever she lost
does not seem to matter
to the gentleman
lingering behind her.

The mother nearby, taking 
her children out is oblivious 
to the girl's troubles. Just as 
the man in the background
enraged with his partner.

Did she lose her umbrella?
Her protection against those
dark clouds ahead. Is that 
gentleman trying to persuade 
her, now that she's a widow? 

Or is her past a darker tale yet? 
Is the infuriated man after her? 
Could he be a policeman or 
guard or someone from 
the other side of the law?

All this is unknown
just as the woman's age
but although her eyes
look sad and tired, hope
still lingers in her face.


  • Fear we’ll always undergo
  • A human attribute we must
  • Overcome, and let life roll

  • You know it's the boogie monster below
  • Your bed, so in "mummy" you don't trust
  • Fear we’ll always undergo

  • Fear of love lost is what will follow
  • When what's haunting you is lust
  • Unless you overcome and let it roll

  • When fear of death first strikes your soul
  • Losing your parents is the worst
  • Fear you will undergo

  • Once your life is touch-and-go
  • The idea of death seems so unjust
  • But you have to overcome and let it roll
  • When life goes well, fear of woe
  • Will put you to the test.
  • But, fear we’ll always undergo
  • Just overcome it and let life roll