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Thursday, December 19, 2013

A Crime to Remember (5)

Chapter 5- The Guilty

Marco was sitting at his desk, going through the witness testimonies. Mr Ole. Alibi. Christopher Johnson. “I saw Mr Ole go into the dining room, handed him an envelope, and saw him later go back upstairs.” Maid saw Mr Ole walk past into his room, and later found the body. Ok, Ole checks out. Mrs Loureiro.
“Mascarenhas.” He turned round to face his boss. “Come into my office please.”
He walked into the office and closed the door behind him. In the room was also Castro looking quite pleased with himself.
“Sit down, Mascarenhas.” The once soft female voice now sounded stern and harsh. They both sat down while Castro remained standing, arms crossed, on his boss’ right.
“Where were you two days ago?” Marco looked from his boss to Castro, puzzled. “Well, I woke up, had breakfast and a shower. Fed my cat, then left for work. Got stuck in Second Circular traffic-“
“Right.” Castro’s eyes gleamed with bliss. “And do you have any witnesses? An alibi? Think your cat can speak for you?”
“What? What is this? Am I- I’m a suspect now?” He started laughing but then noticed his boss’ ice-cold stare. “I’m a suspect? You’re jokin’! What the f***?”
“Please, Mr Mascarenhas, conduct yourself with a little decorum if you please.”
“Oh come on, boss-“
Castro was close to a doting dog when his owner returns after a long trip away. The words raced out of his mouth. “We found evidence that you were familiar with the victim and spent time with her within the two weeks previous to the murder.”
Marco rose to his feet. “WHAT? IS THIS SOME SORT OF JOKE?” Now his boss got up. “MR MASCARENHAS CONTAIN YOURSELF PLEASE! IT IS NOT A JOKE. IT IS NOT A LAUGHING MATTER.” She cleared her throat, gestured for Marco to sit back down and ordered Castro to proceed.
“A closer look at one of the pictures taken by Mr Ole’s friend, at his request, has revealed that it is you, sir, that is reflected in the shop window. Next to Mrs Ole.”
For a second Marco could see Castro’s mouth curl into a smile, but it dissolved as soon as their boss glanced towards him.
“It can’t be! I don’t know the woman. I swear. I’ll take an oath. I have never met the woman in my life. I mean, before she was a corpse. It cannot be me in that picture! I’ve never seen-“
“Mr Mascarenhas save your breath. Unfortunately we do not yet have sufficient evidence to detain you for the murder of Mrs Ole. However, as your boss, I do have the power to suspend you from your duties in this company. I suggest you do not stray far and certainly do NOT consider leaving the country. You may go.”
His boss’ face was distorted into a harsh, cold look while Castro’s seemed to be beaming with pride. As he turned toward the exit he heard his colleague’s voice. “See ya ‘round, Marcus.”  

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