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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Simple Things

Shampoo Bottles

Some things in society baffle me. Talking to my parents today I found out that in the past a freebie would come inside the traditional Portuguese Christmas cake “Bolo Rei” (King Cake). This is now illegal due to the possibility of someone swallowing it. I think a little more credit is due us, mere mortals, surely we would look for this hidden gift before eating the cake, provided it was advertised.
This led to a reminder of the instructions on shampoo and conditioner bottles. Who’s read these? Anyone? And if so, who has read them out of actual necessity?
I will give them one thing; they don’t name them “Instructions.” One for our self-esteem. TRESemme for example titled them “Our Expert’s Tips”, from which I must conclude that they themselves did not know how to use shampoo, since they had to hire experts to give advice on the proceedings.
Not all is lost though! If the instructions are too vague for you and you have any questions, they do have a number you can call, and it’s free. Helpful aren’t they? You can tell them how offended you are by their condescension for free.
Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against TRESemme, love their products, they were simply the easiest to take the piss out of. I must insist that next time you find yourself in a bath with nothing to do or read, do read your shampoo bottle, see what advice your brand gives you, they’re all different accordingly, including the conditioner. So take a little time out of your life to read the instructions. It’s the simple things people. Trust me.