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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Funny Poem


Once upon a time/ there was a li’l girl/ whose childhood should be/ admired. (18) I’ll tell/ you a few stories/ from a few times when/ she was inspired. (35)

Once when she could bare/ly walk, she was squa/tting on a step. To/ look at (17) something on/ the floor, she leaned for/ward slowly and fell/ straight on her forehead. (35)

Once the li’l girl’s mo/ther was combing her/ hair into a palm/ tree. The li’l (18) girl, still/ learning how to speak/, quickly complained: “Mum!”/, in a sigh of plea. (35)

Once, while watching her/ mother get changed, “Mum/! Put your bra on!” The/ mother, (17) curious: “Why?”/. The girl genuin/ely apprehensive/: “Won’t your breasts fall down?” (35)

Once she was swimming/, show/ing off: “Check for/ bubbles when I dive/.” Her sister (18) joked: “Why/? Are you goin’ to fart?”/ The girl disappoint/ted: “How did you guess’t?” (35)